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July 26, 2021


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Hi there! Welcome to the  blog, an insight journal about skin, welness and beauty. Stay a while and say hello!



“I’m not yet where I want to be, but thankfully not where I used to be” 

Keeping myself motivated in my personal life and work is rewarding but can also be challenging. I appreciate women and men that share their passion and journey to inspire others.  

But I don’t know about you; my inspiration is close to home. Sincerity, diligence, and commitment are traits I see from my family and apply daily in the business. So are self-care and personal care. 

It makes my clinic so much more than a place to just have skincare treatments.


It’s a place of tranquillity and relaxation where you get to understand the root-cause analysis of YOUR skincare concerns, are treated with integrity, AND get straightforward, clear-cut advice for your skin, skincare treatments, and homecare.

… your advice is set by a very realistic plan and can be easily put into effect. Did you know that this is the first step I generally take when treating and correcting skin?  

A holistic approach to skincare should take a complete snapshot of all variables contributing to particular skin issues. So I’ve put this into a comprehensive all-in practice by creating my first skincare course for people who live remotely, do not have access to skin expertise, or are lost in all the marketing claims surrounding the skincare world.

 … just wanting simplicity and answers. 

Misleading and false statements create unnecessary expectations and make you spend your hard-earned money on things that don’t work. 

So, I’ve been lucky enough to have a career where I get to work with and learn about the skin. And in my years of experience as an aesthetician, I can tell you that it is not just what you put on your skin but also what is going on inside of your body that will determine how aged, clear or dry, or acne-prone your skin becomes. Your cells are constantly renewing themselves, so if they aren’t working at their optimal level then this could lead to inflammation which makes your skin concerns a lot worse!

I have created a simplified course of all the information you need to know to effectively take your skincare regime into your own hands. I’ve put everything you need to know about skin beginnings, nutrition, how-to, and cosmetic ingredients in one place.

If you’re tired of wasting money on all kinds of skincare products without any improvement, then this is for you… AND If you’ve tried to find information on how to cure your acne, look younger for longer, rosacea, perioral dermatitis … but have been overwhelmed with conflicting information from so many sources…you will love this course!

What can hold you back in your beauty and skin health goals is a lack of knowledge.

This course presents what I’ve learned through years of training and experience working with hundreds of people one on one in the clinic.

… I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work

A simple step-by-step holistic healing process works every time, and I’m sure you will find the approach manageable and effective. 

Your skin reflects what’s happening on the inside and outside. 

That’s why it is so important to consider internal health, cells, and systems, and what makes up the skin … what damage has been done to the skin through pollution, what is your skin’s pH level, feeling stressed lately? All of these things have a profound effect on your skin health.

I know how hard it can be to sift through all the information and research about finding what works for you.

The most important thing to know is that you can correct your skin! You just need to know HOW. To learn more, listen to my youtube channel HERE … And if you don’t want to take an entire course? No problem! You can always visit our youtube channel and subscribe to get access to expert advice delivered straight into your inbox every week (or even more often!).

See what else I can do? Tap through now to see the complete list of services AND resources designed to help your skin in every way. 

Please leave me comments below, reach out via email ( if there is something specific you would like covered in future posts, and subscribe to my youtube channel where we will be posting weekly videos of tips and advice on all things skincare! Have fun exploring what makes up your beautiful body from the inside out!

Karen xxx

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