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Meet one of the ingredients in our products – Enzymes in your skincare


September 10, 2021


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When we check our skincare ingredients, it seems like some of our skincare products sound more like a food label these days.

Food labels refer to the nutritional value of food, whereas skincare labels describe skincare products. Certain foods should be avoided entirely, while others may provide beneficial nutrients to our skin.

Enzymes are agents found in different foods and have benefits when applied to our skin. They help facilitate chemical reactions in the body and can provide a lot of beneficial physiological actions.

Enzymes play a considerable role in our daily function. Let us take a deeper look into enzymes to see how they work and what benefit they may provide.

Firstly, what are enzymes, and why do they matter to your skin’s health?

On the skin, enzymes can do several things; they are chemicals that can speed up reactions without being used in the reaction themselves. They are instrumental in biological processes because of their ability to make a process happen within normal body temperatures.

Basically, they can create new things, break down chemicals, and even help with digestion. Enzymes in skincare products have some useful functions as well. 

Some enzymes, like the protease enzymes, are great because they assist with exfoliation– Proteases are responsible for removing your skin cells ready to desquamate on the surface of the skin – this action will give you that smooth look and feel after enzyme treatment. Super useful for anyone with blemishes or acne, right?

Enzymes also have anti-inflammatory effects, so if you have any irritation from acne or even redness from rosacea -enzyme treatments can help calm down and soothe those effects.

It is why many skin care products contain high concentrations of protease enzymes. They may increase the absorption of ingredients, amplify the anti-aging effect, increase healthy cell turnover, boost clarity or complexion and reduce redness.

In the food industry, enzymes help ripen fruits, tenderize meats, and make things like wine and cheese happen too! Enzymes are magical. They can break down molecules and have many uses, whether biological or culinary!

How can enzyme-based products improve your skin’s appearance?

Enzymes are typically used for two primary purposes in skincare— to exfoliate and to reduce inflammation. Certain enzymes are effective exfoliants and can be gentler than other methods like scrubs and microdermabrasion. The upper layer of the skin contains skin cells ready to desquamate – corneocytes. The enzymes work by specifically breaking down the bonds (imagine little Pacman everywhere) that hold these cells or corneocytes together, resulting in visibly smoother skin. Look for fruit enzymes like papain (papaya) or pineapple. 

It is undeniable that enzymes are fantastic for the skin. In order for enzymes to function at their best, they require certain conditions. They need water and a warm environment to perform the chemical reactions that we want them to. 

If these are not right, enzymes will not work. Enzymes are incredibly sensitive.

So, luckily for us, Dermaviduals has the gentlest natural enzymes based on pineapple or papaya enzymes that will help your skin stay healthy and glowing. Furthermore, Enzymes are great for sensitive skin types because they do not trigger irritation or inflammation when used appropriately as abrasive exfoliants do. 

How do Dermaviduals enzymes work?

Dermaviduals enzymes work as a mixture of kaolin and bentonite. Kaolin is a naturally occurring clay that absorbs oil, while bentonite is a finer-ground mineral. The two clays help absorb excess sebum in a way that does not strip away moisture from the skin. 

You can find kaolin and bentonite in products for acne-prone skin, but Dermaviduals takes it one step further to offer natural enzymes with their treatment. ​Together they work to keep skin clear and matte.

This is the most respectful method of exfoliation, encouraging the epidermis natural desquamation process. Is it any wonder that enzyme-based skincare products are so popular? 

Let me know below if you want to see some results or incorporate this in your homecare regime.

Note that enzymes have several advantages and are a vital component to look for in skincare products. They aid with a variety of skincare issues, including exfoliation and inflammation reduction – both of which can make your skin look better.

However, be mindful that enzymes should not be overused. Talk to your skin expert about this, and if you have not already, make sure you have got yourself a skincare plan, It does not need to be extensive always, but so worthwhile. 

This allows you to help treat your skin regularly. It can be overwhelming for people who are new to taking care of their skin on the go; trust me, I know. The more you take care of your skin, the better it will look and feel.

I hope this helped clarify some things you were wondering about enzymes; if not, let me know what is still on your mind.

Karen xx

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