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Suffering eczema and dermatitis — Three HERO Skincare Products You Can’t Live Without


January 20, 2022


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Eczema and dermatitis are common skin conditions that affect people in all stages of their life.
While the causes of these skin conditions vary, topical treatments are available to help manage them and alleviate symptoms.

Eczema is a general term used to describe many different types of inflammatory skin conditions characterized by dry, easily irritated, red skin that can tingle or burn. While a person can suffer from eczema at any point in their life, it tends to develop in childhood and is often associated with allergies. Most people have heard of adult-onset dermatitis, which involves the same symptoms like eczema and causes intense itching, cracking or peeling skin, and scaling–symptoms that typically worsen at night.
When affected, skin is red and dry from scratching or lack of moisture, which exacerbates the irritation and itching, leading to more severe symptoms such as bleeding, infection, and inflammation.

If you suffer from eczema or dermatitis, there is hope!

One of the most effective topical treatments for eczema and dermatitis are Dermaviduals products EGCG, Novrithen, and Tenfione Semisomal Bath oil. Dermaviduals skincare address skin concerns and conditions; they are safe, high-performing, dermatologist-recommended skincare options containing the highest quality ingredients possible. EGCG, Novrithen, and Tenfione Semisomal Bath oil were developed by Dermaviduals for this reason; they are safe products that treat symptoms while providing moisture to the skin that is otherwise lost through eg. scratching causing an impaired barrier. For best results, use in conjunction with each other.


Eczema and dermatitis are common skin conditions that affect people in all stages of their life. Topical treatments to help manage and alleviate symptoms are often steroids, which may help relieve symptoms but can come with unwanted side effects such as thinning the skin when not used correctly. 

Proper skin care needs to continue and manage symptoms while decreasing the risk of thinning skin.

Antioxidants have been studied more thoroughly in recent years, with scientists delving into their anti-inflammatory effects and how they soothe the skin, reduce inflammation, and alleviate itching.

One such antioxidant is EGCG, Epigallocatechin Gallate, a natural extract from the dried leaves of the camellia Sinensis plant (commonly known as the tea plant), which has potent healing properties.

EGCG is found naturally in green tea leaves, which has been shown in clinical trials to relieve some of the worst symptoms associated with eczema and dermatitis–itching, burning sensations, redness, dryness–while also reducing inflammation associated with atopic dermatitis (AD).

EGCG has potent antioxidant benefits that calm the skin, reduce inflammation which exacerbates itching and pain, brighten the skin to help decrease redness, and protect the skin barrier. Ingredients like EGCG strengthen the skin barrier and help prevent water loss, providing soothing relief of symptoms.

EGCG, or epigallocatechin gallate, is the most potent catechin in green tea. It’s a polyphenol antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage, shown to be beneficial for various skin conditions, including atopic dermatitis, rosacea, and eczema. EGCG can help improve skin barrier function, reduce inflammation, and scavenge free radicals. It’s also shown to provide some UV protection and treat photodamage.


Tenfione Semisomal Bath oil is a bath oil for sensitive skin. It contains natural oils and vitamin E, which create a mixture of nanoparticles and liposomes when mixed with water. The concentrated bath oil can help those who suffer from eczema, rosacea, or dermatitis. This makes the product more effective at penetrating the skin and allows it to be better absorbed. 

The bath oil helps fight inflammation and reduces itching. The product also soothes dry, irritated skin.

Tenfione Semisomal Bath oil is a little different from other bath oils. It is a highly concentrated oil, so a small amount of the product is needed. This bath oil is perfect for people who suffer from dry skin or eczema. It’s also great for someone looking to moisturize their skin without leaving it feeling greasy (like most heavy moisturizers).

When you suffer from eczema, dryness can be a severe factor not to be overlooked. The skin becomes very dry and itchy, resulting in further irritation or inflammation.

Those suffering from dermatitis should use this product because the high concentration of natural oils and vitamin E helps soothe irritated skin and reduce itching. The nanoparticles and liposomes also help moisturize the skin and result in smoother, more hydrated skin.

When mixed with water, the concentrated bath oil produces a colloidal suspension. This helps the oil to soak into the skin and be better absorbed. It keeps the skin protected and intact while bathing and leaves a velvety softness to the skin after the bath or shower.


Novrithen® is a moisturizer that restores the natural skin barrier when suffering from eczema, rosacea, ichthyosis, and dermatitis. The three key ingredients are urea, primrose oil, and DMS®. It consists of skin-compatible ingredients such as triglycerides, shea butter, squalane, and phosphatidylcholine (PC). Novrithen contains these ingredients to soothe your skin by restoring its natural moisture level.


UREA: Urea in skincare is a common ingredient because it has keratolytic properties. Wich means it can break down the ‘glue’ between skin cells to make it easier for the skin cells to shed. Urea is genuinely one of the best hydrating ingredients out there, known for its ability to rehydrate dry, cracked skin. Urea has moisturizing and exfoliating properties as well as anti-inflammatory benefits. It penetrates deep into the skin and has a significant soothing effect on eczema and dermatitis. Urea aids in tissue repair, hydration, exfoliation of dry, scaly areas; reduces itching; promotes cell growth, and smoothens the skin. Urea has been used to treat psoriasis rough and scaly skin since 1882.


PRIMROSE OIL: Primrose oil is a rich source of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). It’s a poly-unsaturated fatty acid that helps cell membrane function, making it an essential part of the cell. Primrose oil is also high in Vitamin E, making it an excellent antioxidant. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory and has other benefits, such as improving skin barrier function, meaning more moisture is retained in the dry parts of the epidermis. 


DMS®: dermal membrane structure formula is a medical patented technology formulated with skin-identical lipids, which mimic the lipid composition of the natural skin barrier. These lipids help restore and maintain the normal barrier function of the skin. The lipids in DMS® are similar to cellular membranes contributing to a healthy cell turnover rate. This protects our cells against loss of moisture and irritants entering the body. DMS® technology is known to reduce skin dehydration and itchiness caused by dry skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, rashes, and ichthyosis.


Novrithen helps to rebalance the skin barrier disorders, increase skin hydration, and soften the skin. Novrithen contains vital ingredients that soothe and restore your skin’s natural moisture level. Apply Novrithen on areas where you feel discomfort or itchiness with everyday use to see an improvement in your condition within a few weeks!


If you are one of the millions of women who suffer from eczema or dermatitis, we encourage you to try the skincare products listed in this article. Not only have they been proven to help with these conditions, but they are also affordable and easy to find. These products will help soothe your skin and reduce inflammation while also providing long-term relief for chronic conditions like these.

If you’ve been struggling with any of these problems, try using one of our suggestions to see if it helps improve your symptoms. This may be an excellent way to test out which product works best without spending too much money on something that might not work at all!

Karen xx

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