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Get the perfect facial every time!


May 10, 2022


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Have you ever gone to a facialist and left feeling like your skin was still a mess? Or maybe you’ve tried giving yourself facials at home, but they never seem to turn out quite right?

I have some tips for you that will help you get the perfect facial every time, whether you’re doing it yourself or going to a professional.

Get the perfect facial every time!


  • Before going for a facial, ensure that the esthetician is well-trained and experienced. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need about the process before your first treatment.

  • Before starting, it’s also essential to communicate your skin concerns and goals with the esthetician. This will help them choose the right products and treatments for you.

  • Tell the esthetician if you have any sensitivities or allergies so they can avoid using any ingredients that might irritate your skin. Let them know if you have any skin conditions, such as rosacea, acne, eczema, etc., so they can tailor the facial to your needs.

  • If you’re pregnant or nursing, certain products and treatments should be avoided during these times; mention this to your therapist.

  • Be sure to follow the aftercare instructions. These will vary depending on the treatments and products used, but they will help you get the most out of your facial and maintain your results.

Since Covid-19, many spas and salons have implemented new safety protocols.
Be sure to ask about these before booking your appointment.

Now that you know what to look for in a facialist or skincare expert and how to prepare for your treatment let’s talk about home care facials.

Many skin care therapists have created homecare facial treatments. These are budget-friendly and skin-friendly, being bespoke and tailored to your specific needs and skin concerns. They are an excellent option to have if you’re not able to make it into the salon as often as you’d like.

  • When giving yourself a facial at home, make sure you allow plenty of time for the process. That way, you won’t feel rushed, and you’ll be able to enjoy the experience.

  • Next, create a relaxing environment. This means dimming the lights, playing calming music, and lighting a candle or two.

  • Once you’re all set up, it’s time to start the facial.

  • After the treatment has had time to work its magic, it’s essential to moisturize. This will help lock in all the benefits of the facial and leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.

Bespoke Home facial treatments are becoming more and more popular as people become increasingly concerned with covid-19 and social distancing. And why wouldn’t they be? They are an excellent way to get all the benefits of a professional facial without leaving the safety of your home.

There are a few things you can do to make sure that you get the most out of your facial:
You will see that this will make your skin look great and give you that glow that everyone wants all year round!

Use products suited to your skin type to minimize the development of skin problems. It would also be beneficial to avoid sun exposure before and after a facial since it would negate some advantages.
Drink plenty of water before and after a facial; this is important for hydration levels in your body, which may affect the quality of your skin.
Follow instructions an esthetician provides when getting facials at home or salons, so you get the most out of them!
Avoid touching your face too much following application with skincare products – do not apply makeup unless instructed otherwise – and enjoy results from these tips!

If all goes according to plan, you’ll see impressive improvements in your skin tone and appearance!

And there you have it! My best tips for getting the perfect facial every time, whether at home or at a professional spa. Facial treatments can be great for your skin, but it’s essential to do them correctly. If you follow the tips we’ve provided, you’ll be able to get the most out of your facial and see results that will make you look and feel great.

Schedule an appointment with a qualified esthetician today and start enjoying the benefits of regular facials! If you are looking for top-quality facials or skincare advice, contact me today.

Karen xxx

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